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Purchase Rewards

Get cash back just by using your MC EFCU Debit Card

Forget about clipping coupons, discount cards or special promotion codes. Everything you need to save real money on the stuff you already buy is right here where you manage your money.



Here's how it works:

Login to your online banking account.
Click on new offers to activate exclusive cash back rewards at the types of places you already shop. You’ll find your offers in the Purchase Rewards section of the online banking home page or on your checking account history page. Once clicked, the reward offer is automatically “loaded” onto your MC EFCU VISA Card.2
See New Offers From Purchase Rewards


The next time you make a purchase from that retailer and pay with your debit card, you’ll earn the reward. Each offer provides different details about when and where to shop to earn the cash back.
The rewards you’ve earned will be directly deposited into your Mechanics Bank checking account the month after you redeem the offer.1
Easily view your earnings on the Purchase Rewards summary page.
See New Offers From Purchase Rewards
1 Timing of deposit may vary depending on merchant and/or offer.
2 Offers limited to one-time use. Certain restrictions apply. You can opt out at any time by
   clicking the “Stop receiving all offers” link on the Purchase Rewards summary page.





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