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 System Wide Upgrade FAQs

Q. Why is MC EFCU upgrading its system?

A. The upgrade is an enhancement to our infrastructure so that we can continue to serve you with the highest level of safety and security. The system upgrades will also allow MC EFCU to deliver enhanced service options to members in the future.

Q. When is the system upgrade?

A. The system upgrade will begin at 6:00 pm Friday, November 7 and is scheduled to run through Monday, noon, November 10. Our goal is complete this upgrade as soon as possible and we will post updates on our website once services are restored.

Q. What service disruptions will occur between November 7 and November 10?

A. The following services will be affected during the upgrade. Please make note of these disruptions so you can plan ahead to accommodate your transaction needs.

  Friday, November 7   Saturday, November 8  Sunday, November 9  Monday November 10
 MC EFCU Branches  Closed  Closed  Closed  Open
 Online & Mobile Banking  Unavailable  Unavailable  Unavailable Available
 ATM withdrawal limit using an MC EFCU debit or ATM card  $300  $300  $300 Limitation lifted by 12 noon 
 MC EFCU Debit Card Purchases  $700  $700 $700   Limitation lifted by 12 noon
 CUPID Telephone Banking Unavailable  Unavailable  Unavailable   Available
 MC EFCU transactions at Shared Branch Locations Unavailable   Unavailable Unavailable   Available
 Online loan applications (auto, unsecured, home equity) Unavailable   Unavailable  Unavailable Available 
 Wire Transfers  Unavailable  Unavailable  Unavailable Available 

Q. Will my direct deposit and/or automatic payments post on Friday, November 7 and after the system upgrade?

A. Yes, your existing Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments (Social Security, Payroll Deductions and /or other regular deposits, etc.) will not be affected.

All Transactions will post as usual, you will not need to make any changes or contact any businesses because of the system upgrade.

Q. I have recurring MC EFCU loan payments set-up through online banking as a scheduled transfer. How will the upgrade period affect my payment?

A. Friday, November 7

Existing MC EFCU loan payments scheduled to post, will processed as scheduled.

Saturday, November 8 & Sunday November 9

Existing MC EFCU loan payments scheduled to post, will not be processed until the system upgrade is completed. You may receive an email alert stating the transfer failed to process, but we will automatically process the transfer again when the system is available.

Q. I have recurring outgoing payments set-up through Online Banking, when will my payment be processed?

A. Online Bill Payments are only processed Monday through Friday and are not affected. There will not be a delay in sending Bill Pay payments.

Please Note: MC EFCU Credit Cards will not be affected by this event.


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