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 Important Information: Online Banking Upgrade on August 13

New User ID and Stronger Passwords

Q. Why are you changing the security standards?

A. We care deeply about keeping your money safe while providing you with easy access to your accounts. With the continued growth of online & mobile banking, there are increased needs for greater security standards to keep you and your money well protected. In addition, the government issued new guidelines, calling for enhanced security measures for online banking. Thus, we are upgrading our security procedures to provide you with the best protection available. Our new security standards will make it even safer for you to monitor and manage your money while safeguarding against unauthorized access to your accounts.

Q. What are the new User ID and password requirements?

A. User ID criteria:

Current User ID Requirements New User ID Requirements - Starting August 13
 6-Digit Member Number

You will create your own custom User ID with the following requirements:

 ♦ Must be between six and 20 characters long
 ♦ Must contain one letter
 ♦ Can Contain numbers and/or the following special
 ♦ Must NOT contain any spaces (including before,
    in the middle of, or after the user ID)


A. Password criteria:

Current Password Requirements New Password Requirements - Starting August 13
 ♦ Must be between 4 and 8 
 ♦ Must have at least 1 special
 ♦ Cannot contain leading or trailing

 ♦ Must be between 6 and 32 characters
♦  Must contain a combination of:
        Letters and numbers
        or Letters and any special character
        or Numbers and any special character
Cannot contain your member number
Cannot contain any spaces
Cannot be a substring of the user ID

Other items to note about passwords:

    Passwords are case-sensitive
    Passwords do not expire

Q. What will I experience when I log in to my online banking account the first day after the security upgrade?

A. You will be guided through an easy two-step process:

Step 1: The system will check your current User ID and password to see if they meet the new security standards stated above. If the user ID and/or password need to be updated, you will be prompted on screen to make the change before proceeding.

Step 2: The system will check if your phone number(s) are registered. If any phone numbers are identified, the system will display them and allow you to review and edit these numbers if desired. If you do not have any phone numbers registered, you will be prompted to enter up to two phone numbers. These numbers will be used to send you a one-time passcode via a voice call or SMS text message (you choose the method). If you do not have a phone, then you can elect to receive your one-time passcode through email. You will be able click a link to provide an email address during this step. By default you will be shown the email address within your online banking profile, and any change to this email address will be saved as your primary email address within your online banking profile.

Q. Is there anything I need to do now?

A. To prepare for the changes on August 13, we recommend reviewing and updating your email and phone numbers associated with your Online Banking account. To do so, click "User Options" at the top right after logging in. We recommend adding at least one cell phone to your profile. In addition, start to think about a User ID that meets the above criteria.

Q. What User ID should I use instead of my member or account number?

A.. We suggest creating a User ID that will be easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. The new User ID criteria is as follows:

  •     Must be between six and 20 characters long
  •     Must contain one letter
  •     Can contain numbers and/or the following special characters: @$*_-=.!~
  •     Must NOT contain any spaces (including before, in the middle of, or after the user ID)

Q. Is my member or account number changing?

A. No, your member or account number is not changing.  This is just a change to your User ID and password for logging into your Online Banking account.

Q. I don't want to change my login information. Can I just get into my account and do this process at a later time?

A. No, we cannot bypass this upgrade process for you. Beginning on August 13, it's required to access your account. It will just take a few minutes.


One - Time Passcode / Verify My Identity_________________________________________________________

Q. Why are the challenge security questions being removed?

A. The federal regulators do not consider challenged questions to be as secure as a one-time passcode.  The security of your accounts is of utmost important to us, so we are moving from challenge questions to one-time passcode.

Q. How does using my phone make my account safer?

A. We are utilizing what is known as “multifactor authentication” which makes it more difficult for phishers and attackers to access your accounts without you knowing it. While this might seem unfamiliar, you actually use it every time you visit an ATM. When you access your account from any ATM, you need both your ATM card (something that you have) and PIN (something that you know). We enforce the same type of protection by using both your User ID and password and your phone to access your account. By doing this, even if an phisher or a attacker manages to steal your password and tries to use it to log in, they would be unsuccessful because they would need your phone as well.

Q. Will I always need to use both my User ID and passcode from now on?

A. The first time you attempt to log in from a new computer, you will need to use both your password and the access code you receive on your phone or by email in order to log in. If you are accessing from a private computer that you personally use, you can opt for the system to remember your computer for future logins. By doing this, you will not need to repeat the step of obtaining an access code each time, and you will only need your User ID and password in the future to log in. For the best security protection, we suggest that you always use both your phone and your password. If you do opt to have your computer remembered, we recommend that you do so only on computers that you personally own and that have the latest updates and virus protection software installed on them. Please note that if you clear your browser cookies, we may not be able to remember your computer registration.

Q. What information is contained in the automated voice call or SMS text messages for one-time passcodes?

A. Information within an automated voice call:

"Hello, this is Montgomery County Employees FCU. Please press pound to receive your 6 digit access code."
** Press pound **
[1.5 second pause and your unique one-time passcode will be provided].
Press # to repeat.
Information within a SMS text message:

Montgomery County Employees FCU. Your access code is xxxxxx. Reply HELP for help.

Q. If I am traveling internationally, can I receive a one-time passcode via SMS text or automated voice call if I access my online banking account from an unrecognized computer?

A. If you have a US-based mobile phone, you can use it to receive a one-time passcode via SMS text or automated voice call as long as your wireless carrier and your current wireless plan is supported within the country your are visiting.

Q. I don't have a text-capable phone. Can the one-time passcode be emailed?

A. Yes, you can select to have the one-time passcode sent by email or you can have it sent by voice.


Bill Pay________________________________________________________________________________________________

Q. What is changing with Bill Pay?

A. We are upgrading Bill Pay as part of our continuous efforts to improve your online banking experience. The new look and new features have been designed to make it faster and easier to manage your bills.

Q. When will the Bill Pay change take place?

A. The new Bill Pay will be ready to use on August 13, 2013.

Q. What are the key changes of the new Bill Pay?

A. Bill Pay has been refreshed with a new look and intuitive features. See a preview of the all new Bill Pay.

Q. Is there anything I need to do?

A. There is nothing special you need to do. Once the upgrade is completed on August 13, simply access Bill Pay the way you always have and enjoy the new features.

Q. Will any of my scheduled bills, payee information eBills be impacted?

A. No. The new Bill Pay doesn't change the core functionality you know and trust. Rest assured that your scheduled bills, payee information eBills and other info will remain intact.

Q. Will Bill Pay be unavailable at any point?

A. During the short upgrade process, you may not be able to access Bill Pay for a couple of hours on the evening of August 13. The upgrade is scheduled to take place at night during non-peak usage hours.

Q. What browsers will be supported with the new Online Banking experience?

A. We will support Internet Explorer 8 and 9, the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome and the latest versions of Safari for Mac OS X. Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported.

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