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Consumer Loans

Signature Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection

This account is designed to serve two purposes. First, it is a signature line of credit on which you can write a share draft, and a loan is created when the share draft clears. Second, it provides overdraft protection for your checking account should you accidentally overdraw. Your line of credit limit is established in advance. Once established, you can use it, make payments, and use it again. You do not have to have a regular share draft account to use the Signature Line of Credit. You may set the account up to only clear the loan advance drafts.

Signature/Personal Loans

This loan is secured by your signature. You may use this type of loan for almost any purpose, such as vacations, holidays, weddings, new furniture, medical expenses, debt consolidation, back to school expenses.

Share Secured Loans

This loan is secured by funds on deposit in your Share Account. The funds, pledged as collateral for the loan, must always remain at the same balance as the loan. MCEFCU offers 100% share secured loans.

MCEFCU'S Board of Directors sets the rates.

To apply for any of the above loans click here.

FDIC Equal Housing Lender
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