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Member Value Program (MVP)


See how Do More, Get More!” can work for you.

Our Member Value Program (MVP) is designed to provide our members a way to save and earn more with MC EFCU by doing more with the Credit Union. The total amount of a member’s balance whether a deposit or loan/credit account, determines how much of a reward the member receives. Depending on the total of the member’s household account balances at the end of the month, a member’s household is placed in one of four tiers:

Basic Tier    Sweet Tier      Sweeter Tier Sweetest Tier
 $5.00 -  $7,499.99   $7,500 - $14.999.99   $15,000 - $49,999.99  $50,000 and up
Depending on which Tier the member’s household has achieved at the end of the month determines the additional services, additional earnings on selected deposit accounts, and additional discounts on loan rates for that month.

Some of the possible benefits are:
  • Unlimited free ATM’s, rebates of domestic ATM surcharges (U.S. ATMs only),
  • Reduced loan rates
  • Increased deposit rates
  • Free travelers checks and free money orders are just a few of the benefits of doing more with the Credit Union. Click on the MVP graphic below to see the Tiers and the additional services and discounts your household can receive.
Do you have to sign-up for this program? No, MC EFCU does that for you. When you achieve the household balance that puts you in one of the Tiers we automatically start giving you the extras that apply for that tier.
NOTE: The Member Value Program is for individual members only. Business accounts and other organization accounts are not included. Members must be in good standing with MC EFCU in order to take advantage of the discounts and free services offered through Member Value Program (MVP). Any or all benefits of Member Value Program (MVP) may be suspended, modified or cancelled, without notice, at the option of the Credit Union.


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