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Balance Financial Fitness

Whether you’re hoping to minimize credit card debt or finance your child’s education, BALANCE is here for you. In a world with so many financial obligations and options, it’s no wonder money management often seems overwhelming. That’s why our credit union has partnered with a financial fitness program called BALANCE. Through this partnership, you now have access to free financial counseling services:
Certified financial counselors are available to answer your questions about money management and other personal finance topics.
Money Management Counseling
If you’d like to get out of debt, improve your credit or avoid bankruptcy, a counselor can help you design a realistic spending and savings plan.
Debt Management Plan
Consolidate your credit card payments, lower payment amounts, and even reduce or eliminate interest and fees to get out of debt.
Credit Report Review
Creditors, employers and others often use credit reports to assess a person’s financial fitness. A counselor will review your credit report with you, making sure you know your rights. BALANCE can even provide a low-cost credit report.
FDIC Equal Housing Lender
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