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Youth Corner

Ever wonder which is worth more�a 1978 Boba Fett action figure or a 1989 Hot Wheels Lamborghini? Could the U.S. run out of money? Who�s taking money out of your paycheck? You�ll find the answers to these and a googol other questions by reading Googolplex: The CU Guide for Student Moneymakers. It�s ready for you now on our Web site.


5-Spot™ (Ages 6-10, Elementary School)

5-Spot's clubhouse has an all-new look and new features! Introduce elementary schoolers to important financial concepts by igniting their natural love of play with highly interactive games, stories and more. Kids can:

  • Earn virtual money by playing games and reading stories; spend it decorating a personal virtual clubhouse
  • Practice saving, spending and sharing
  • Learn that their credit union wants to help them with their real-world financial goals
  • View 5-Spot now!


A-J's™ (Ages 11-13, Middle School)

A-J's offers a fun meeting place, encouraging creative interaction while educating middle schoolers about money and responsibility. Students can:

  • Vote on plot developments for a teenage comic series teaching money management
  • Write notes to their friends using a noteposting feature
  • Build their own super-hero identities using the flashy new "League of Heroes" theme
  • View A-J's now!


C-Note™ (Ages 14-18, High School)

C-Note stimulates high schoolers with interactive features that teach money management skills. Students can:

  • Have a chance to win and save money by entering photo contests
  • Reach out to others using a moderated comment feature and blog posts
  • View entertaining student-created videos that provide financial lessons
  • View C-Note now!
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